Monday, December 3, 2012

Giveaway, Guest post, and 99 cents! Also, PAPERBACK!

Breaking News!
That's sounds VERY important doesn't it? Actually, I just have a few links to share:
  • On Tales of Whimsy today: "A Language of Souls Contest for Two"
    (Lena: That's right, we're giving away not one, but two ebooks! For the low, low price of FREE! Contest ends Dec. 17)
  • I have a guest post on Lisa Amowitz's blog today on my cover design process. Wheee! :)
  • The Language of Souls is still 99 cents on iTunes and Nook!

And stay tuned for more breaking news of The Language of Souls paperback release...

Paperback edition coming soon!'s a little sweet cupcakey goodness to celebrate:

Photo credit: (c) SweetRevelations

xoxo :)

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