Friday, September 27, 2013

Haunting Joy on What Haunts You -- Songstone $2.99 sale!

My upcoming new release, Haunting Joy: a ghostly little story, (which is really a a novella or short novel), is going to be on What Haunts You! (Oct 30, 2013, 8 - 9 PM). Stay tuned for details!

Stay tuned for blog tour info too & a reveal of the cover for a Special Edition paperback, Oct. 1!
(squee!! cover reveal!!! ooooo, special!)

Haunting Joy : ye olde ebook cover

Also, Songstone is currently on sale for $2.99 (reg. $3.99, ebook), pretty much everywhere.

Book Links:
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Monday, September 23, 2013

I'm blogging on The Enchanted Inkpot Today: or the Guess the Fantasy Book Cover Game is Back

I'm blogging today with my Inkpot pal Amy Butler Greenfield. We've removed the titles & author names -- so naughty of us :) -- can you Guess these popular Middle Grade & Young Adult Fantasy Book Covers?

Earn points! Impress your friends! Befuddle your teachers! ;)

"It’s September – the month of back-to-school, shiny apples, and changing leaves… and a new round of Guess the Fantasy Book Covers!"

Here's a sneak peek, but be sure to visit us on the Enchanted Inkpot for more and for answers!


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Haunting Joy Edits & Back to the 80s

Mini Update

ebook cover
I'm going over my editor's notes for Haunting Joy and looking forward to our blog tour at the end of October (I'll be posting details about the tour and the Rafflecopter Giveway -- including a copy of a special edition paperback -- with an equally special cover -- squee!).

We'll also be having a cover reveal for the special print edition of Haunting Joy October 1 (so excited about that!).

So, I'll be working on revisions and final polishing stuff for Haunting Joy for a bit.... I love this phase so much!

And, meanwhile, I'm going Back to the 80s and have been listening to retro tunes on Slacker Radio & YouTube -- best research ever (for Haunting Melody, book 2 in the Haunting series). :-)