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Three Things & a Cupcake: Interview with Leigh Hershkovich, Shattered Illusions

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I sporadically post author interviews under the theme “Three Things & a Cupcake.” I post everything sort of sporadically, actually. (Sorry, World! ;) )

Three Things about Leigh and her debut novel, Shattered Illusions

Shattered Illusions by Leigh Hershkovich
Leigh’s cover reveal happens to be today, so look what I get to share!!!
  1. I came up for the idea behind Shattered Illusions while I was in a car traveling with my family from the North of Israel to the South. I had a stomach flu, and between that and in the immense heat, I was a bit delusional. I was reading a fantastic book called The Angel’s Game when the idea suddenly struck me like a bolt of lightening. It took me four months to convince myself that the idea was valid and not based on the other realm I found myself in due to the pain and the heat.
  2. I started writing Shattered Illusions when I was seventeen and completed it three weeks after my twentieth birthday.
  3. The characters of Shattered Illusions are loosely based on people that I had met throughout my childhood.
My favorite fantasy cupcake would be a Fountainhead themed cupcake complete with mini-figures of the characters and blue prints of some of their creations.
Lena again:
Wow, the story of your inspiration for Shattered Illusions is amazing. Also, that you started it at as a teen is impressive (but then teens are amazing–a well-known fact). Finishing it proves you’re a professional writer. And finding a great publisher is icing on the…cupcake. (Sorry, it happens. ;) )
Okay, I rather foolishly bragged to Leigh that I had once found an Edgar-Allan-Poe-themed cupcake for an interview, so I suspect she tried to stump me. Actually, I admit, the vast photo database of the interwebs failed me, just this once. I found a tribute cake to Ayn Rand, but nary a cupcake. (I know, right??) But, not to be deterred, I bring you my own version of Fountainhead Cupcake…
Lena's Fountainhead Cupcake
Lena’s Fountainhead Cupcake–get it??
(Photo credits: Book image (Signet), Cupcake (Kristin_A, Meringue Bake Shop, Flickr Creative Commons))
Thanks for playing along, Leigh! I wish you all the best with your new release (squee!!).
Learn more about Leigh & her books at or visit her Goodreads page.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

AIRE is Now Available in Paperback! (Young Adult Fantasy Romance)

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AIRE Now Available on Kindle!


AIRE is Now Available on Kindle! (Quick Buy it Now. ;))

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