I write sweet historical romance and books for teens. My stories tend to be on the romantic side, mostly because I'm a sucker for a good old-fashioned romance. For reading, I especially enjoy a good historical mystery romance series (like The Lady Julia Grey Mystery Series). And elements of romance, fantasy, and mystery can creep into my own writing. You can check out my books by clicking on the links above.


Q:  What inspires you to write?

A: I’m fascinated by people.
I’m especially inspired by people in transition, by characters who have to face a challenge and dig deep to accomplish a goal, whether to solve a mystery, save the day, or simply find love. (Ha! Simply! ;))

I’m also inspired by a love of books. I grew up reading from a young age and used to come home from the library with an armload of books. We all need stories, I think. We need to be immersed in another world now and again, whether that’s through books (the best source, of course ;)), or movies, TV, songs, etc… We’re all hungry to share our stories too. It’s part of what makes us human.

Q:  What's your writing process like?

A: Whatever works!
Each book seems to require a different process — which keeps me on my toes. A lot of times I start with a character in a tough spot, so an inciting scene. I may go from there as long as I can, just writing along, until I need to stop and do research, plot, brainstorm, explore character bios, etc…

I write freehand. I write on the computer. I write on the back of napkins. I’ve dictated into a tape recorder (not my favorite!). I've used Dragon Naturally Speaking (a speech-to-text software). I use index cards, huge sheets of craft paper & colorful markers, and I make copious notes. Whatever works. When I get stuck, I go for walks, drive, daydream, chat (complain) with writer friends, read books on writing, read novels, watch movies/TV… (But not all at once. And I may also pull at my hair, but only a little. ;)) I collect images of characters and landscapes that inspire me. I design book covers. I do more research. Mostly, I remind myself that I get to make up stuff and it’s supposed to be fun. It’s work though too, so I treat it with the respect of any other job. I set aside time. I invest in it.

I love being a writer. Creating new worlds has to be one of the best jobs ever. :)

Q: Where do you like to write/read?

A: My ideal writing spot is either my office or Panera.
And I love to read in my favorite Craftsman-style, leather recliner with my feet up. Basically, I prefer a quiet spot that's my own personal little nest.

Q: What's the content rating on your books?

A: My books are generally PG to PG-13, meaning:
no explicit sexual content
no profanity
no graphic violence
and a guaranteed HEA (Happy Ever After)

Some of my books, like Songstone, touch on some darker subjects, such as abuse, but always with a redemptive, positive focus on overcoming the odds.

Q: Are your books Christian Fiction?

A: I'm a Christian who writes fiction. Sometimes my books are shelved under Christian fiction and sometimes they're not. To me, my stories are simply my stories, and I write what I love. I write about what fascinates and entertains me. And the themes that weave their way through my stories are definitely influenced by my worldview and so may appeal to a Christian readership. The Brides Series and The Language of Souls in particular seem to have cross-over appeal. (Readers of Inspirational/Christian romance and "sweet" historical romance seem to enjoy these books.)

Where to Buy My Books

Hobbies and Interests

I live in a scenic small town in Massachusetts with my family. Besides wanting to be a writer, I always wanted to be an artist. Although I ended up enjoying a fulfilling career in software engineering and web design, I still absolutely love design. Nowadays, I employ my computer and artistic skills designing book covers.

For TV, I'm into ELEMENTARY, BONES,  & PSYCH (a series I missed the first time out and just recently discovered on Netflix), and my PBS favorites: DOWNTOWN ABBEY, THE BLETCHLEY CIRCLE, and SHERLOCK. And ENDEAVOR, which is addictive. (Which is probably why a lot of my writing has a thread of mystery or suspense in it... :)) I also like almost any reality TV show where they show a person transforming or evolving as an artist, like THE VOICE. I'm also a big RAISING HOPE fan, mostly because it makes me laugh so hard I have to pause Netflix so I don't miss anything.

I’m very active in my church and also love just hanging out with family and friends, especially while watching movies or football. (Go, PATS!!) I also going for walks around a nearby lake (often accompanied a very spoiled Black Lab).

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