Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Book! Release! News! and a cupcake

Today is 12/12/12, which I find terribly cool. This calendar triptic will not occur again in my lifetime. I was so hoping my box of books, i.e. my very own personal copies of The Language of Souls (in PRINT!) would arrive today. But even though I keep checking my front porch, no luck yet.

But that doesn't mean I still can't celebrate, because The Language of Souls is officially out in PRINT! So exciting. :)

[Update: They came; they came! And I love them. :)]

Where to find it:



Barnes & Noble
Kindle (USA)
Kindle Canada
Kindle UK
Kindle Germany
Kindle Italy
Kindle France
Kindle Spain
Kindle Japan

Also, in blog-worthy, cupcakey news, I met a lovely baker today. She makes cakes & cupcakes. I kid you not. Actual, mouth-watering cupcakes. Yummmm. I had a delicious coconut sprinkled vanilla cupcake that did the trick. (How else would you celebrate a book release if not with a cupcake???)

If you're ever anywhere near Westford, MA, you need to go to Sweetpeas Bakery at 129 Littleton Rd. stat (waves to Melissa! Thanks for the cupcake!!)

Here's a photo of Sweetpeas adorable cupcake logo. (No, I didn't get a photo of the actual coconut cupcake. It mysteriously disappeared.  ;))

  ©Sweetpeas Bakery, Westford, MA
(full of cupcakey goodness)

PS hmmm, I think I need a cupcake in my blog header...

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