(A Novella)

A fast-paced tale of adventure, impossible choices, and a soul-stirring romance that will leave you breathless.

Solena trespasses into hostile territory to search for a rare herb to cure the grandfather she loves. When a young enemy soldier captures her and she's accused of being a spy, she discovers just how much she’s risked.

As a soldier, Rundan struggles to please his father, a ruthless army commander. When his father orders him to take the beautiful trespasser to the royal courts, where she’ll surely be tried and executed, Rundan is plagued by an inconvenient desire to protect her.

The handsome young soldier confuses Solena. First, he cruelly captures her, and then treats her with uncommon kindness. When he risks his life to save hers, she fears she may have risked more than her life on her journey…she may have lost her heart.

“A thoughtful artistically woven tale that delves into the complexities of the human heart. Goldfinch understands the frailties of the soul and draws readers in with her subtle romantic touch. Readers will be enchanted and wanting more!”
—Jennifer Cervantes, award-winning young adult author of Tortilla Sun

The Language of Souls is a wonderful romance/fantasy novella, which is both sweet and sensual at the same time. The lush and wondrous setting springs to life off the pages. I loved Solena. She is smart and spunky, but it is her kindness and empathy that make her such a wonderful character.”
—Erin Cashman, author of young adult supernatural fantasy, The Exceptionals


ISBN-10: 1480087807

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Reviews of the First Edition

(Published by The Wild Rose Press, currently out-of-print)

"A truly stunning novella that I highly recommend to readers who enjoy romance laced with elements of fantasy, or anyone longing for a good old fashioned Happily Ever After… The Language of Souls [will] easily appeal to teens who enjoy fantasy with a side of sigh-worthy romance."
—The Fiction Enthusiast

"The Language of Souls is a tender, sweet, heartfelt tale that reads like an old-fashioned fairy tale. The writing is gentle, effortless, and eloquent...the perfect tiny romantic escape."
—Tales of Whimsy

"The Language of Souls by Lena Goldfinch is short, sweet, romantic and completely and utterly satisfying."
Penelope's Romance Reviews 

"...a satisfying, well told story in just 70 pages...A little romance, a little adventure, a little fantasy, a little historical fiction all mixed together to make a heartwarming story..." 
I am a Reader, Not a Writer 

"The Language of Souls is a short story packed with romance, action... Solena and Rundan's story is heart-warming, sensual and soul-searching... Their world is expressed in a beautiful language that is breathtaking and sweet. High marks for this wondrous story!"

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