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Freebie and Upcoming New Release!

Freebie Alert!

Get Chain Reaction for the low price of free! Grab your ebook copy now for your Kindle, Nook, or favorite e-reader device if you don't have it already. Did I mention it's free?? :)

Why free? Giving away free books is simply one tool in an author's toolkit to find new readers. And what better way than to give them a free short story? I can't think of any.

If you haven't yet tried Haunting Joy, download the free short story prequel Chain Reaction to get a little sneak peek into Joy's world. If you like it, please consider picking up a copy of Haunting Joy. (And tell ten friends, which will bring you good luck--and good looks. ha ;))

Scroll down to see excerpt below!

Upcoming New Release

Haunting Joy Coming Soon on Audiobook!

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New audiobook cover for Haunting Joy!

For those of you who prefer to listen to audiobooks--say on a long car ride or in short bursts on your bus ride to school--stay tuned for the release of Haunting Joy in audiobook format. Narrator Stephanie Ballard is a joy to listen to--and I mean it! She really brought the character to Joy to life. (So thrilling as an author to experience that, I tell you. :)) And she is also just soooo very easy to listen to. I love her voice.

(Yay! So excited!!!)

It should be available verrrrry soon on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. I'll let you know as soon as I know!

Chain ReactionA Short Story (Prequel to Haunting Joy)

When a "reveal your secret crush" chain letter goes awry, Joy gets caught in the middle--possibly with the help from her first haunting. A short, lighthearted contemporary romance for teens and young adults.


I was just getting the hang of high school, when a chain letter revealing my secret crush fell into the wrong hands.

Before the haunting, I guess there were a few things the old me should have picked up on that weren’t quite right.

I remember this one day way back in ninth grade, rushing to class, trying to beat the bell. It was February, and by then I could get to all my classes without getting lost. I knew all the halls and the side halls, and the stairs, and which water fountains had the coldest water—all that stuff. It was a big school too, with two floors, laid out in a big square donut. I knew when I had time to swing by my locker, and to be honest, I was finally starting to feel like I wasn’t about to die any second. That day, as I flew past the open double doors leading to the caf, I knew immediately we were having pizza for lunch, because it had that Italian, oregano-y smell in the air. Their pizza was pretty good too, so I was looking forward to lunch.

I was steps from the door to my Freshman Chemistry class when Sarah Lenard bumped me hard and shoved a folded paper into my hand.

Joy,” she hissed in my ear. I don’t know why she bothered to whisper my name. It wasn’t like she didn’t have my full attention after that body slam.

“Hey! What are you doing?” I rubbed my side.

“Before lunch,” she warned.

“Before lunch, what?” I asked, spooked by her super-secret whispery voice.

Maybe she didn’t hear, because she slipped into the mob of students, ninja style.

I hustled into class, still rubbing my side, and took my seat.

After checking to make sure no one was watching me, I unfolded the note and read the heading:


A chain letter.

Ugh. I loved and hated chain letters. I thought they were fun sometimes, but mostly they were just plain annoying. And sometimes—on rare occasions, and you never knew when—they were downright dangerous. The crazy stuff they made you confess. I mean, really. And you had to give copies to like ten of your friends, and then they had to give copies of theirs to ten of their friends. Or else. Or else something terrible would happen to you. And your future children. Or your dog. Or something.

Not that I believed in bad luck.


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