Monday, June 23, 2014

AIRE Now Available in Audiobook format!

AIRE just came out in audiobook, and I couldn't be more thrilled!

Special thanks to Dan and the crew at Midnight Treehouse Productions, LLC and to the lovely Tara Millette, the narrator who brought AIRE to life! Tara's voice is just totally delicious, guys -- she's oh-so-easy-to-listen-to! -- and I'm thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with her and Dan Barton, Midnight Treehouse's amazing sound guru (aka Director of Music and Audio Production), on this production.

Midnight Treehouse Productions, LLC

Dan sent over these pics of Tara in the recording booth, just to give me a sneak peek at their process.

Special props to both of them for tackling the Italian phrases and fantasy words in AIRE! You proved to be the perfect team to get it right. Dan has a background in classical singing (you know, the kind where you actually sing in Italian at times ;-)), and Tara is a native French speaker, so between the two of them, they pulled off the impossible. At least to my mind!

Thanks so much, guys!! :)

Tara Millette, narrator, in the sound booth.

So, Tara's not working on my book here,
but I can just imagine her in a similar pose
while she recorded over ten hours of audio for AIRE.
So, Dan tells me that Tara's not working on my book here, but I can just imagine her in a similar pose while she was recording over ten hours of audio for AIRE. That's not just ten hours of talking, people, because there's all the hours that went into practice and any rerecording.

Someone give that woman a cold glass of water...and a tray of cupcakes! :)
I'll say "you're welcome" in advance to all audiobook lovers out there for not narrating the book myself. (Ha!) No one would have wanted to listen to it, I swear. And I'm good with that. I much prefer listening to Tara!

Where to Get Your Copy of AIRE (audio)


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