Thursday, June 20, 2013

Three Things about YA author PJ Hoover and her New Release SOLSTICE (Tor) -- and a Cupcake!


I'm in cover-love with PJ Hoover's New Release SOLSTICE (a dystopian teen romance from Tor Teen, Now Available!)

"...a beautiful world of disaster and chaos" —School Library Journal Teen Review
"[Hoover's] confident deployment of myth is impressive..." —Publishers Weekly
"...a debut novel that consistently delivers..." —Booklist

IT'S ON MY TO-READ LIST!!! (Maybe a good one to bring on our summer vacation? I think so! :-))

So I was super-excited when PJ agreed to come by the blog here for an interview. (woot!)

Lena: If you were a dystopian heroine in the world of SOLSTICE, what three key strengths to saving the world would you want to bring to the table?

PJHoover: Let's see...I'd bring goddess powers, a green thumb, and the ability to resist a sunburn. That way I could withstand the heat of the sun, grow new plants, and basically do anything I wanted to.

Lena: Sounds like a smart plan. ;) Where did the idea for SOLSTICE come from?

PJHoover: I was exercising on the elliptical machine when I got the idea to work with a Greek myth. From there, the first chapter flew onto the computer and the global warming twist was created.

Lena: Cool! What's your favorite scene?

PJHoover: I love the scene where Piper and her best friend Chloe go to get a tattoo. So many fun emotions are wrapped together, and I find it a joy to read each and every time!

[For those familiar with my interviews, yes, that was Three Things. (There was even a three things within the three things, tricky, eh?) :)]

Lena: What's your favorite cupcake?

PJHoover: There is a cupcake called a Chocolate Elvis at my favorite cupcake shop here in Austin, Cupprimo. Truthfully I don't know what all it has in it, but it is delicious and only served on Thursdays!

Thank you so much for featuring me!

Lena: It was a pleasure to have you! But now I want a cupcake that's in Austin TX, which is a conundrum... LOL

Speaking of cupcakes...

The Chocolate Elvis from Cupprimo Cupcakery, Austin, TX (used with permission)

Q: What three items would you want on hand for your dystopian adventure?? (the cupcake is understood)


  1. Woot! It is cupcake time! Thank you for featuring me today, Lena!

  2. Now if I only had one... ;) Thanks, PJ!