Friday, January 25, 2013

Bold Resolutions, Involving Danger, a Secret Gift of Visions, and a Legend Come to Life (Cross posted on Scene 13 Blog)


I don’t know of these resolutions of which you speak, but I do know something about resolve. I have resolved to don the plain cloak of a washerwoman & leave these palace walls. From the moment I enter the city, I’ll no longer be Annalisia, but simply Anna, a girl.
I’ll search for my missing cloth maiden, who has been taken. It should have been me after all, a mistake on the part of that man, il mostro, who boarded our royal vessel, and nearly killed two of my guards. (For who else but a monster would do such a thing?)
And I will use my gift of visions, no matter the danger to myself, and even though my grandmother, the queen, has forbidden it–even though I love her dearly and long for nothing more than to please her.
But I will never, under no circumstances, allow myself to lose my heart to Jovanni Septimus, even if he is a Legend come to life.
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