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Take a Picture
Includes a Free Short Story: Chain Reaction (Prequel to Haunting Joy)
Available in trade paperback and ebook formats

A young (temp) paparazzi photographer falls for a teen pop star...

Troy Alexander chases fame as a lead singer in New York City, but finds nothing but heartbreak. So he takes a job as a paparazzi to earn enough money to go back home. His assignment lands him in the path of Ashlyn Sunshine, teen pop star. They end up spending one memorable summer afternoon together, but could someone as amazing as Ashlyn ever like a guy like him -- or is he headed for another heartbreak?

Buy it in paperback and get a Bonus Short Story:
When a "reveal your secret crush" chain letter goes awry, Joy gets caught in the middle--possibly with help from her first haunting.

A lighthearted contemporary romance for teens and young adults.
Novella & a Free Short Story

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What Reviewers Are Saying...

"Troy Alexander is trying his hardest to get a picture of Ashlyn Sunshine, a teen pop sensation. Having exhausted his dream in New York to become a singer he is now trying to earn money to go back to his home outside of Boston. He's been hired by a tabloid and promised a thousand bucks to get the perfect picture of Ashlyn. Hiding in dark doorways and ducking behind garbage dumpsters is not where Troy wants to be, but he is determined to get home. His fortune turns when he accidentally bumps into Ashlyn and a tentative friendship develops." --My Favorite Pastime
"Take a Picture is a delightfully sweet romantic tale... Ashlyn and Troy are both warm and caring characters... And if creating wonderful tale is not enough, Ms. Goldfinch has added a prequel for another of her works! Chain Reaction is going to take you back to those awkward days in school when breaking a chain letter was one of the ultimate sins." --Tome Tender

Trade Paperback (Available on Amazon.com)
ISBN-10 : 0615987958
ISBN-13: 978-0615987958

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