Thursday, November 8, 2012

Three Things and a Cupcake

1. Though not technically launched yet (shhhh, so many other retailers are processing), but The Language of Souls has jumped through the hoops at Amazon & is now available on Kindle. Woot! And on Smashwords too.

2. Still waiting on Kobo, iBooks, Nook, etc... I'll post once it's available. It will also be available in print. (Oh, the joys of formatting a print book! I really do love formatting, actually, even though it drives me mad sometimes. :))

3. My Twitter account got hacked, probably, most likely, because of the Twitter app I'd added here on the blog. Boo hiss!!! So now I'm switching to just a link. Bummer. In better news, Twitter foiled the hack attempt and emailed me to change my  password. So I didn't get any spammy links or naughty pics posted in my feed. Thank goodness. Yay, Twitter!

...and, finally, a cupcake:

Photo credit: Bossacafez via Flickr Creative Commons

And now I want one. ;)

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