Thursday, November 15, 2012

YA author Erin Cashman - Three Things and a Cupcake

Erin Cashman, author of the sensational YA supernatural fantasy, The Exceptionals, is visiting me in the blogosphere today (which sounds so very sci fi doesn't it???) She's graciously agreed to spill three things about her book. (I've read it and it's wonderful.)

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So here's Erin:

1. The idea for The Exceptionals came from my father.  Growing up, he used to always tell me we only use ten percent of our brain. I’ve often thought about that, and wondered what if some people can use more than ten percent of their brain. What could these people do? Would they be brilliant scientists like Albert Einstein? My mother believed in ghosts, and she used to go to a medium. Maybe the medium could use a different part of her brain. I’ve always believed in things we can’t see, things that don’t always make sense.
2. My favorite scene in the book is near the end, the last scene with Claire and Dylan, but I won't talk about it since it will give away the ending! I also love The Prologue, since I think it really gives insight into Claire and her character.

3. If I could cast an actress to play Claire, it would be Emma Watson. Maura Crane Walker would be played by Jennifer Connelly, and Josephine would be played by Jennifer Aniston. That would be a great cast!

Emma Watson © Warner Bros Pictures
Lena: That would be a great cast. I can definitely see Emma Watson as Claire! Maybe something like this, but with a hawk. :)

Thanks for stopping by for a visit, Erin.

Erin: Thanks for interviewing me! 

Lena: One more thing...what's your favorite flavor of cupcake?

Erin: My favorite cupcake is definitely carrot cake cupcake!

Lena: Yum...shall we post a picture of one? Why, yes. This one's for you, Erin.

Photo credit: .imelda via Flickr Creative Commons

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