Monday, November 26, 2012

Book Update! News! Squee!!

My print proofs arrived today and I almost cried, but I didn't. I did hug them, however, (that's normal, right??) and generally squealed and was incoherent for a bit. I kept announcing gleefully: "It's my book! Look, my book came!"

And they all just smiled and obediently read over the Acknowledgements page, where I mentioned them by name. Oh my gosh... My family is sooo patient. LOL

Photo op:

Proof copies 1

Proof copies 2

The lighting is pretty awful, sorry, and the images are a little blurry too. I'll definitely take new pics tomorrow, but I just couldn't wait.

Ah. Happiness is seeing your book in print. :) I'll put my critical eyes on it tomorrow (things will need to be tweaked, I know; that's why they're called "proof"copies), but today is for simply enjoying the moment.

And, to celebrate properly, please enjoy this yummy cupcake! ;)

Photo used with permission, © SweetRevelationsCupcakery


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